Bahamas – the story of a steam locomotive, by Peter W Skellon

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Bahamas – the story of a steam locomotive, by Peter W Skellon, published by the Bahamas Locomotive Society.

This is both an in-depth look at the history of the locomotive and of the people involved with the engine throughout its revenue-earning career and subsequent preservation era.

Set against the contemporary social background, the book charts the creation of this class of locomotive, its flaws, and the challenge to improve performance against the deteriorating quality of coal.

The story continues with the decline of the steam locomotive and the first steps towards today’s heritage railway industry via the ‘steam ban’ and the ‘return to steam’, through which Bahamas had its part to play, albeit with plenty of anxiety for those involved.

The story is brought up-to-date through the rise and fall of the Dinting Railway Centre, the move to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, and the overhauls undertaken necessary for it to be “…a working locomotive, not a museum piece,” a phrase often quoted in 1968 by Society member No.1, Alan Bidder.


256 pages 70,000 words, 300 illustrations. Size 274 x 215, Case-bound with dust-wrapper.


Available for delivery after the expected publication date of 4 May 2024.

2 reviews for Bahamas – the story of a steam locomotive, by Peter W Skellon

  1. John Kitchen

    A truly excellent account of a particular LMS Jubilee from being simply one of 191 examples to a lucky survivor of the steam era. The story from being a part of the Stanier revolution on the LMS through to withdrawal and a lucky association with Stockport, the struggle to fund purchase and the highs and lows of the Society since are all told in well researched detail. The story embraces a wide range of characters without whom there would have been no 45596 today. It is not a dry, adulatory account – honest appraisals of characters and situations are explored by the author. He has been involved with the Society since 1969. An excellent read which lays bare the continual struggle to keep 45596 on the rails and steaming towards its centenary, sometimes against the odds.

  2. Mike Parkin (verified owner)

    This new book is superb! As well as a detailed history of the loco it’s telling the wider story of the railways and the preservation movement. Fascinating read and I haven’t put it down in 5 days now. With the owners losing their expected income stream this summer I can heartily recommend the book as a means of giving some financial support to them whilst been educated and entertained at the same time.

    No connection other than as a very satisfied purchaser 🙂

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