Considering volunteering?

Are you wondering what you can offer?

Well, from polishing the locomotives to polishing the display cases, or from engaging the public in conversation to engaging the back gears on a lathe in the workshop, or from maintaining the museum to maintaining the small garden, the scope for volunteering is almost limitless. 

Anyone can help maintain our collection, make new friends, and learn a new skill.  Indeed, perhaps your existing skills and expertise can help us – we hope so.

If you are considering to offer your time to assist with our ventures then it is necessary for you to become a member of the Bahamas Locomotive Society.  This not only allows to you to keep in touch and participate in all our activities, but also provides you with our care and consideration of safety, always an overriding and important obligation in all we do.

For further information, please contact Amy, our volunteer co-ordinator, who will advise you further on the advantages of volunteering and direct you to the relevant ‘department’. mailto:[email protected]